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Your Heating and Cooling System 

The main goal of your heating or cooling system in Roswell is to provide a comfortable environment in every room of the house. Heating and cooling are two of the most important concepts of home ownership. In fact, heating and cooling systems are major factors for those looking to purchase homes, and are a critical aspect of comfortable indoor living.
The term "HVAC," which is used to describe home heating and cooling systems, stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning—which are the 3 primary functions of a home system. They control air temperature and humidity, and maintain the qualityof the air in the home. A traditional heating and cooling system is a split system because you have products that reside both inside and outside your home. For example you have your Thermostat, AC, Furnace, Coil and any other air quality accessories. 

Central Systems

A central heating and cooling system produces warm or cool air in one central area and then distributes it throughout the home. There are many types of systems that work as central systems, from traditional split systems to packaged product systems.
Products typically used in central heating and cooling systems include:

Heat Pumps
Air Conditioners
Gas and Oil Furnaces
Fan Coils
Evaporator Coils
Controls and Thermostats


Heating systems keep your home warm and comfortable. If you live in a particularly cold climate, the function of your heating system is a high priority.
Most central heating and cooling systems are classified as forced air systems, because they send air through ductwork for distribution. The ductwork can contain products that filter or clean the air.
Radiant systems create heat and deliver it via components such as radiators that radiate the heat into the home. Boilers are a traditional radiant heat source.
Typical heating products include:

Heat Pumps
Gas and Oil Furnaces


Air conditioning systems are central systems that rely on ducts to deliver cooled air throughout the home. An air-conditioning system provides cooling, ventilation, humidity control and even heating (if using a Heat Pump) for a home. Air conditioning units cool refrigerants like R410A (Puron®) or R22 (older systems) Refrigerant and deliver them to evaporator coils, over which air is then blown to be cooled and ultimately directed through the ducts throughout the home.
Typical air conditioning products include:

Heat Pumps
Central Air Conditioners
Evaporator Coils

What does each thing do to keep my house cool or warm?
Indoor Air Quality
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